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CRCY Winter Registration

Attached is the flyer for the CRCY winter swim team registration!  Winter swimming is a great way to keep your swimmer in shape and continue developing all stroke techniques!

...   more

End of the Year Party and Winter Swim


Our End of the Year Party will begin right at 6:00 pm in the concession area of the Salem Pool.  Coach Alexa will hand out team awards, and then we will swim and hangout from 6:15 pm to 7:45 pm.  We hope to see ALL of our swim families there!!


If you would like to continue swimming through...   more

Championships and End of the Year

2nd Place at the SISL Championship meet!  That is a GREAT accomplishment.  Our league is a tough one, and 2nd place is pretty wonderful!  Coach Alexa, along with her assistants Liv and Heath, worked hard to train all of our swimmers, and they did a wonderful job!  The Championship meet results are on the website to view...along with all the...   more

Champs Warm ups and All Star Meet PLUS More

LOTS of INFORMATION!  Please read it all the way through. :)

Championship Meet

Warm Ups: Salem's are at 8:30 am.  Please be at the Marion pool by 8:00 am though.  Coach Alexa has to scratch swimmers, etc. by 8:30 am.  We want to make sure that all swimmers have arrived and are accounted for well before 8:30 am.  It is very...   more

Championship Roster and End of the Year Party

Hello!  Below is the Championship Roster List.  We will post swimmers' events at practice on Tuesday after they are official, but we did want everyone to know who would be practicing next week from 8:30 - 10:00 am Monday-Friday.  We would love for all of our championship swimmers to attend practice as much as they can this next week to prepare for champs....   more

Championship Tshirt Order Forms

Hi!  Attached is the T-Shirt Order form for Championships.  If you are interested in ordering a t-shirt, please print out the form, fill it out, and return to Coach Alexa or Joli Lybarger with payment by Monday, July 24th's morning practice.  There will be no t-shirts available to purchase at the meet. Everyone will know who is attending Champs before Monday...   more

2017 TShirt Championshiop Order Forms
MTV Meet Volunteers

  Hi!  Everyone receiving this email has RSVP'd "yes" for tomorrow night's swim meet at MTV.  Thank you so much to those who have signed up to volunteer, but I realize some of you can't see the actual meet on the website, so here is your opportunity. :) When I looked at the volunteer list, there are still many families...   more

Meet News and Pictures

Our team pictures have arrived.  They will be at the pool this week for pick up.  Thank you!

July 18th Meet at MTV

Please RSVP for the MTV meet ASAP.  For some of you the meet is not showing up on the site.  I'm unsure why that is happening.  You may reply to this email or text me (367-1673), so your swimmer is signed up....   more

Championship RSVP

 Please click the link below to let us know if you are available on July 29th for championships.  This doesn't mean that your swimmer will be eligible to swim or chosen for the roster, but let's us know that your family is available if needed.  Thank you very much for clicking "yes" or "no," so we can plan accordingly.  I will...   more

MTV Reschedule

So since we were unfortunately forced to cancel our dual meet tonight due to weather, we are going to reschedule this meet for Tuesday, July 18th at Mt. Vernon.  I will send out specifics later, but it will start at 6:00 pm as usual.  The RSVP is open.  Please RSVP ASAP for this meet.  Please volunteer, also. The deadline will be on Sunday,...   more

Warm ups for both Dual Meets

On Tuesday and Thursday please be at the Salem pool by 5:00 pm to help set up.  Our warm ups are at 5:30 pm.  The meets start at 6:00 pm. Please check the team board to look at your volunteer position and take a look at the relays.  There will be people by the team board handing out cards, and Sharon will have the volunteer labels for you.  Thank you...   more


HI!  We have opened up the Championship RSVP.  This meet is different, though, from other meets.  We are only allowed to put 3 swimmers in each event, so the roster will be based on times and how we can maximize our points.  Unfortunately, this also means that we are unable to take all of our swimmers to Championships. When we set up our team...   more

Carmi Invite July 15th

 HI!  If you are receiving this email, we have not received your RSVP for the Carmi Invite on July 15th.  The deadline for this meet is approaching quickly...Monday, July 10th.  Please click through the link and RSVP "yes" or "no" as soon as possible.  They only need 3 workers/team for this meet, so you do not need to sign up to...   more

July 11th Home Meet

 Hi!  If you are receiving this email, we have not received your RSVP for the home meet on Tuesday, July 11th.  Please click the link below and RSVP "yes" or "no" as soon as possible.  The meet will close Monday at noon.  If you RSVP "yes," please volunteer immediately.  This meet will not have many from the away...   more

Invitational Information PLUS more

Hi!  Lots of good stuff in here.  Please read all of it. :)

On Friday, we will be meeting by the pool shed south of the pool parking lot to start setting up. If you are available, Please be there around 9:15 pm.  It shouldn't take long if we have a good amount of people working. :)

On Saturday, we will have warm-ups at 7:45 am....   more

Shirts, Towels and 4th of July


2.  A reminder that if you want a towel from the Carmi Invitational, we would love to order one for you.  They are $25 and $12 for them to be personalized.  I attached a towel design they sent out just to let you see it.  Each team will be embroidered in its team color which is fun.


...   more

Salem Invitational RSVP Reminder

 Hi!  If you are receiving this, we have not received your RSVP for the Salem Invitational that is on July 8th.  Please click the link below and RSVP "yes" or "no" as soon as possible.  The deadline is Monday.  If you RSVP "yes," please immediately click the volunteer button, so you can choose the job you want for our...   more

Swim Meet Board

I wanted to let everyone know about our Team Board!  At all future meets (including tomorrow), we will have a Team Board set up in the area where our parents are sitting.  This board will have all the relays posted, so you can see which relay your swimmer is in.  If Coach Alexa needs to make a relay change, it will be written on the board.  If a relay...   more

June 29th Meet at Salem

 Hi!  If you are receiving this email, we have not received an RSVP from you.  Please click the link below and RSVP "yes" or "no."  If you RSVP "yes," please immediately sign up to volunteer.  Thank you very much for your RSVP, so we know who will and will not be coming on Thursday.  Also, please make a note in the...   more

Marion Warm ups

Our meet tomorrow (June 27th) is in Marion.  Please be at the pool by 5:30 pm for our 5:45 pm warm ups.  The pool's address is 500 E. Deyoung Ave. Marion, IL.  Please allow a little over an hour to drive to the pool from Salem.  The directions are on the website under "links," also. 

Don't forget to check out our...   more

Salem Invitational Shirts Order

Hi!  We will have a preorder for Pentathlon shirts (Salem Invitational).  Though it is not a requirement, this is a great way to promote the meet and have a keepsake.  The deadline is July 2nd at midnight and will be done via the link below.  You will click the link, order what you would like, pay online, and then choose "Pick up from...   more

Marion Dual Meet June 27th

 Hi!  If you are receiving this email, then I have not received your RSVP for the Marion Dual meet on June 27th.  Please click through the link and RSVP "Yes" or "NO."  If you RSVP "Yes," please volunteer immediately afterwards.  Thank you very much for taking care of this ASAP.  The meet will close on Sunday.

RSVP...   more

Carmi Meet Towel

We are attending a new meet this year.  On July 15th we will head to Carmi to swim!  That is still a few weeks away, but I wanted to let you all know they they will have 75 towels being sold there instead of t-shirts as a momento. :)  If you want one, I just have to reserve it for you, so please let me know.  They sell out each year, so let me...   more

Mount Vernon Invitational Warm Ups

Warm-Ups will be at 7:30 AM in Mount Vernon on Saturday, June 24th.  Please be at the pool by 7:15 AM, so you are able to be dressed and ready to warm up at 7:30 AM.  When I put the address into Google Maps, it takes you to a wrong area, so please follow these directions if you are unsure where the Aquatic Zoo is at.

From Salem: I-57 South to Mt. Vernon...   more

Warm ups and Swim Suit/Caps

Hi!  Tomorrow night (June 22nd) we have our Herrin Dual Meet.  Please be there at 5:30 pm for our 5:45 pm warm ups.  It takes a little over an hour to travel to the meet from Salem.  The address is 1010 N. 5th St. Herrin, IL for anyone to put into their maps app.  The directions are under "links" on our website.

Also,...   more


The RSVP's are open for July (except for the Championship meet).  The one we are primarily concerned with right now is the July 8th meet...our BIG invitational!  :)  We want to see as many swimmers as possible at this meet, and we will also need all families to sign up for TWO shifts.  We have some families where both parents work all 3 shifts,...   more


The Anna Meet results are now on the website.  Also, if you go to "team" and then click on "roster" and then click on "view results," you will be able to view your child's results for each meet.  This is a great way to just look at your specific swimmer and see how much time they dropped and what place they received in each race...   more

Herrin Dual Meet June 22nd


If you are receiving this email, then we have not received your RSVP for the Herrin Dual meet on June 22nd.  Please click the link below and RSVP "yes" or "no."  Thank you very much!  If you RSVP "yes," please go and sign up to volunteer immediately.  The deadline for this meet is Tuesday.  We appreciate...   more

Important Information

Hi, Swordfish Families!

We have now had two fantastic meets, and we have some ideas that will be helpful to our team to share.

Meet Requirements and Expectations

First of all, Coach Alexa wants to see as many swimmers at each meet as possible.  We know that you are all busy.  We know other sports are happening and vacations.  BUT if you...   more

Mount Vernon Invitational


If you are receiving this email, I have not received your RSVP for the Mount Vernon Invitational that is Saturday, June 24th.  Please click through the link and RSVP "yes" or "no" for this meet.  If you RSVP "yes," please immediately volunteer for the meet online.  Thank you very much for taking care of this.  On...   more

Swim Team Update


We have a few pieces of news to share.  First of all, HA Evans, one of our previous coaches, has decided to change jobs this summer and will no longer be coaching with us this season.  He will instead try to attend meets to help encourage our swimmers.  This means that Alexa Garden is our full time head coach.  She has years of experience...   more

RSVP June Meets and Picture Day

All of the RSVP's have been opened up for June.  I will open the July meets when it gets closer, and people know their plans/schedules better.

Please RSVP "yes" or "no" for every single meet.  It is so helpful to us to hear from every single swimmer.  Thank you so much!  Also, remember to volunteer immediately after RSVPing...   more

DuQuoin June 15th Meet

 Hello!  If you are receiving this, we have not received a "yes" or "no" from your family for the June 15th meet at DuQuoin.  Please click the link below and RSVP by Monday the 12th.  If you RSVP "yes," please immediately choose the volunteer job you would like to work.  I will text everyone on Monday who has not RSVP'd...   more

Registration Fees

I am sorry I had to rush off at the beginning of second practice today, but I will be at both practices tomorrow.  I will not be able to be there Thursday or Friday.  Please make sure and see me to pay your registration fee, team suits if ordered and to get your child's swim cap.   All payments are due by next Tuesday, June 13th​.  

Thanks-...   more

Anna Invitational RSVP Reminder

 Hi!  If you are receiving this email, then we have not received your RSVP for the Anna Invitational on June 17th.  The deadline will be in 3 days...June 8th.  Please click the link below and RSVP "yes" or "no."  If you RSVP "yes," please immediately sign up to volunteer.  On June 8th I will send out text messages...   more

Anna Invite T-shirt Order Form and Practice Reminder

Practice in the water begins on Tuesday, June 6th.  8:00-9:15 for those swimmers 10 and up or anyone who swims year round.  9:15-10:00 for any swimmers 9 and under.  Coaches will decide from there.

We want to make sure everyone knows that the volunteer sign up screen is for you to choose what you like the best, BUT the teams and volunteer coordinators...   more

Herrin Invite RSVP Reminder

 Hi!  If you are receiving this email, then I have not received your RSVP.  Please click the link below and RSVP "yes" or "no" for your swimmer(s).  We have to have all swimmers RSVP'd by each deadline. Let me know if I can help you with this.  On Friday I will send you a text asking for your RSVP, but it is always nice for...   more

Dryland Practice Time Change

Dryland today and tomorrow (May 31st and June 1st) is from 5:00-6:00 pm!  Swimming is a tough sport, so it is great to begin getting those bodies in shape before hitting the water!  Thank you to all our swimmers who are coming out to get our season started!

A friendly reminder that there is no practice Friday or Monday (June 2nd or June 5th).  We will...   more

Practice and Remind Texts

A friendly reminder that practice is from 5:00-6:30 pm tonight (May 30th) in the pool parking lot.  Wear tennis shoes and meet at the pavilion by the pool.  We will not get in the water tonight...this is just dry land workouts to get in shape, and I (Joli) will be there to answer any questions or take any payments for the team.  

Also, I sent out a remind...   more

T-Shirt Orders

The link in the other email doesn't work.  OOPS! :)  Here is one that does!  May 28th is the deadline to order t-shirts!

...   more
Swim Meet Addition

All you wonderful new families! :)  We do not send out tons of emails all throughout the season. :)  The beginning weeks are full of information.  I know it is a lot, so please don't hesitate to reach out and ask questions. :)  We have all been there.  There will also be a board member at all the beginning practices, so feel free to ask whatever...   more

Remind APP

Hello!  Next step!

We use email as our primary way to communicate, but some times there are last minute issues that come up.  Practice or a meet is canceled due to weather, etc., and we want to be able to text the team immediately.  We are going to use the Remind App this year for our text messages.  Below there are several ways to utilize this service....   more

remind app directions
Volunteer Instructions

Attached are the volunteer instructions.  Everyone should volunteer at every meet their child(ren) participates in, so please always click on that wonderful "V" to choose a job you want.  Also, please know that we will help you with any jobs, and if you happen to choose a job that needs more training, we will move you to a better fit.  You just can't...   more

Herrin Invite

Last email...for tonight! :)

Herrin Invitational is now open.  It will close June 2nd, so please RSVP soon.  Remember we need to know even if you are RSVPing "NO" to the meet.  A happy meet schedule is one that has "red" or "green" circles indicating your RSVP status next to every meet. :)

The Herrin Invitation is on June...   more

RSVP Instructions

Attached are the instructions for RSVPing for meets.  I will be opening the meets up tonight. :)

...   more

Swim Practice

Our season is about to begin.  This week you will find several emails in your inbox for swim.  I divide them up, so they are labeled and are more easily read and digested. :)  This week I will open our first swim meet and explain how all of that works! :)  For now though, here are our dates for swim practice!  Also, we will change our emails over...   more

Stroke Clinic and Computer Training

Resending this email as a reminder of some upcoming ways to volunteer during the swim season that are happening THIS week!  Old or brand new is welcome!  Thank you!


I have attached a list of Stroke Judge clinics.  Every stroke judge (new or returning) needs to attend one of these meetings. We LOVE new stroke judges, so PLEASE let me know if...   more

Schedule for Stroke and Turn 2017
Suits and Shirts

Hello!  A couple of things...PLEASE sign up as soon as possible for the team if you plan on swimming this summer.  You can pay Kelly at the first practice, but we need everyone's information to begin getting everything ready for the season.  Just click through and get registered in a few short minutes. :)

2nd...please order your suits THIS WEEK from...   more

Sign Ups

Hi!  A friendly reminder that Swim Team sign ups are THIS Saturday (May 6th) from 8:00 am to 10:30 am at the Salem Aquatic Center.  We have new suits this year, so you may want to head up there to check them out and get one ordered for your swimmer(s).  Also, you may register online  if you click through this email to our site.  Let me know if you...   more

Registration for the 2017 Season is Open

It's time!!!  

Registration has now opened up for the 2017 summer swim season.  Please click through to our website and click on the large registration button on the upper right hand corner of the page.  Then, click the highlighted yellow section at the top of the screen to input your email address that you used last year for swim.  This will pull...   more

CRCY Stroke Clinic

Hello Old Friends!

We are getting close to the summer swim season.  If you are interested, CRCY in Centralia provides a stroke clinic/training camp for swimmers to get ready for the summer season.  This is a great way to get your child ready for the upcoming summer competition season.  I have attached the flyer to this email.

Be looking for an email...   more

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